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Decor Committee

This committee seeks to create a liturgical environment that is welcoming, invites contemplation, and creates a sense of holiness. The committee strives to create a prayerful and refreshing environment.

Christmas Decor Schedule 2022


Fri., Nov. 25 at 9 AM: Living Giving Tree goes up.

Need help getting tree set up and placing ornaments on tree. Need help moving and placing wooden stand and wreath on altar. Also help hanging banners in church.


Fri., Dec. 16 at 9:15 AM: Christmas tree delivery.

Need help placing trees in church and erecting poinsettia tree frame. We will place poinsettias in pots and refresh wreaths at this time. They will be staged in small meeting rooms. We will also stage the area for the manger. All garland and lights can be hung at this time.


Sun., Dec. 18 after 12 PM Mass: Finish decorating church for Christmas.

Need help to move poinsettia tree frame into church and fill with poinsettias. Finish altar décor and outside decor. We will also move manger figures into place and decorate gather space tree.


Sun., Jan. 8 after 12 PM Mass: Deconstruct Christmas decor.

Liturgy Committee

Liturgy Committee

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