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Administration is responsible for coordinating the temporal affairs of the parish. This includes but is not limited to money matters, existing and new properties and keeping the parishioners informed of parish news. Administration has been designated to form and/or coordinate the following sub-committees: Budget and Finance, New and Restorative Construction, Communications and all phases of Stewardship.

Facets of the Administration include: 

Building Committee

The Building Committee provides input, direction, and guidance regarding overall facility needs of the Parish.


The Communications Committee's mission is to facilitate communication within the parish using both traditional and new media. Additionally, they serve as the marketing team for the parish by working to promote a positive, coordinated and consistent image of St. Alphonsus Church, School and parishioners to the City of Central and Greater Baton Rouge.

Finance Commitee

Finance insures that funds received through donations are spent in a wise and prudent manner in response to the directives of the parish and parish leadership.

Maintenance Committee

The Maintenance Committee periodically examine, address and offer guidance in the overall maintenance of parish facilities.

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